I had a lot of resistance to cutting expenses when I first sat down to look at my financial picture at the start of the pandemic.

There was a lot of:

“I couldn’t possibly cut that!”


“I need this to run my business.”

In that first session I found it helpful to get up and go for a long walk. When I came back, it was a bit easier.

Now, I’m finding another level to that ease. Looking at what I spend, it’s easier to imagine lowering costs that were ‘uncuttable’ in the beginning.

For me, the failure (if you can call it that) was that of imagination. Now that I have some more emotional capacity, I can more easily imagine what some alternatives to certain business subscriptions might be. Or how I can cut my grocery budget back a bit more. Plus, I’ve realized I never need to cut my hair again (LIFE HACK!).

Maybe that will be true for you too. And if it’s not… walks help.