Figuring out if this work is right for you is hard. 

Here’s why some people found it valuable, in their own words. 

I thought that financial planners were for people who were wealthy, people who had money and needed help managing it.  I was so confused and lost financially that I thought I first had to figure out the basics before i could speak to a planner. 

I was surprised at how much easier my life is now that I have a financial budget.  I thought a budget would make me feel less free, but I’ve never felt more free since implementing your guidelines.   

Chris make big, complicated concepts so easy to understand.  He is so incredibly patient and compassionate.  There were many moments where I felt dumb or so ashamed, and he cleared that all up for me and let me find compassion and understanding for myself.   

Now, I am thinking of the future more.  My partner and I are talking about money and we are planning for our future.  I honestly feel so much less stress knowing where my money is going and how I am spending it.  

Shirin Eskandani

Opera Singer, coach, speaker, writer, and life alchemist., Wholehearted Coaching

When we first met with Chris we were in a tremendous amount of debt that seemed 100% impossible to get out of.  After our first meeting we felt hope and relief that someone could guide and walk us gently out of our very big problem!  We set a 3 year goal but with his guidance we smashed that time in half and we absolutely couldn’t have done it without him!  We now have what we call “an irregular income that feels like regular income” because that is what Chris does. He sets you up with a system that takes care of your money so you don’t need to!  Highly recommend him and his fantastic work!   
Tim Cody

Stunt Coordinator and Stunt Performer

I’d always had a bit of an allergy to financial planning and never imagined that I would find someone who actually understood me, spoke the same language, valued similar things. Finding Chris has been a DREAM and working together has given me the clarity, confidence and tools I need to navigate my art-driven, out-of-the-box, continually changing financial picture. He’s also a joy to work with. Highly recommended!



Chris turned the volume way down on my anxieties about money and managing my finances by giving me so much practical advice and encouragement. I love that his approach is values-based, incremental and flexible. He has a way of meeting you where you’re at and making suggestions that actually feel manageable and accessible. He recommended things that I was excited to implement and that started making a difference in my business and life right away. It can be vulnerable to talk about your financial situation and practices, but Chris is so accepting, kind and non-judgemental. He is also so generous with his time and knowledge! I can’t think of a better resource for thoughtful entrepreneurs who want to learn to manage their money with more freedom and fun. Thank you Chris, for doing this important work & helping us all feel better about our financial lives.

Stephanie Pellet

Creative Support & Consulting, Stephanie Pellett Creative

No one has ever told me how to manage my money as a self-employed actor and it’s certainly not something they teach you in theatre school. Over the years, I’ve accumulated debt and I was terrified of having to face it. Chris was so enthusiastic and empathetic that I wanted to work with him one on one. Long story short, working with Chris has been, by far, the best investment I have ever made. We identified my values, worked through my resistance and bad spending habits, determined my short and long-term goals, we looked at my income versus my expenses, and then we created a structure that I could follow religiously. I have never felt so wealthy in my life. I now have a sense of financial security and control over my finances and that does not price tag. I now have a plan and I feel so excited about reaching my goals that I won’t shut up about it. My best friend just finished her sessions with Chris and is also raving about how much she’s learned. I highly recommend working with Chris. It’s daunting at first, sure, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll never look back. My only regret is not doing it 10 years ago. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up for Rags to Reasonable.



It had never occurred to me that this was something available to me. My impression of financial planners was that this was for someone with money to manage.

 I had a lot of fear around money and my spending habits. He was so non judgemental through the process and made me feel at ease and able to admit what I didn’t understand.

 I would recommend this to anyone who has some big questions and fears around money. You don’t know what you don’t know. This is a place to unpack how things work and create a system that is tailored to YOU and your lifestyle and goals.



    Truly, one doesn’t know what one doesn’t know, and that surprised me—that life could integrate finances with such care. 

    I was surprised by the amount of work Chris did. I was surprised by the big picture perspective the plan provided. At the end of the process I had a document I could work with for all aspects of daily life, not only financial.