1. Having cash will make you feel better. Being able to see that pile of cash in terms of how many months it will keep you afloat will make you able to plan better.

2. Don’t beat yourself up for not having skills on Day One of the pandemic that you didn’t have the day before the pandemic. Financial technique doesn’t all of a sudden appear just because you need it. Be gentle with yourself and start figuring it out.

3. Lots of people are going to use debt to get through this. That’s okay. Don’t add shame to the shit you’re carrying around. However, instead of pulling on credit in a wild out-of-control way, do it deliberately. Only take what you need for that month and try to stick to it.

4. Austerity budgets are really hard the longer you stick to them. Remember to keep looking at your numbers and being as honest as possible about what you need. Lying to yourself doesn’t help.

5. At some point there might be the need to shift from ‘how do I keep afloat’ to making some major changes. I don’t know what that looks like in your life, but for some of us (especially those linked to the arts world) things might not ever be the same.

6. In times where making a decision seems impossible, sometimes the only answer is to wait for more information. Understanding how long you can afford to be patient will help give you the permission to wait.

7. When you take stock of what you have don’t just stop at pure financial resources. A good relationship with your landlord is a good an asset as anything these days. Write everything down and remember that you are not unequipped for this fight.

8. Your plans will be wrong. They were always going to be anyways, but they definitely will be now. Planning is about stretching out your perception so you can figure out where to place your next step. Plan, but then re-plan when more information comes up.

9. We will not all be okay. If you are, that’s great. Some people are not. People will lose their houses and their businesses. People will suffer, and some are already. Be as kind as you can be, be as gentle as you can be… with yourself and with those around you.