As I pulled the tiny weeds surrounding my beet plants I was reminded… I had no idea what I was pulling. Maybe they were something better than beets… such things are not impossible to imagine.

In this garden that is new to me, many things have sprung up this year that I can’t identify. Some I’ve let grow, some I’ve pulled. But what’s become increasingly clear as I thin my radish and kale rows is that I have to choose.

It’s a fairly decent metaphor for money use. Too much emphasis is put on the cutting of expenses. I think it’s better to view your spending through a gardening lens.

What are you growing? What are you not growing?

The things you pull are not cosmically less valuable. They are merely the things you aren’t choosing right now. And no, you won’t always know what they are. There will be missed opportunities that, if you let them, may haunt you. That’s got to be okay.

And maybe instead of the first question of finance being: what did you pull up? Maybe we should frame it as … what did you leave in.

Because pruning expenses is not about less. It’s about more for the things that you care about.