This is an ongoing pet peeve. Whenever people talk about budgeting, they start flashing up images of things they’ve done more cheaply.

“I got this on sale”, “I spent way less on clothes by doing __________”, “I buy in bulk”.

For me, who is not a great deal shopper or max efficiency person… none of this rings true.

Budgeting is about doing money on purpose.

You know what things come to mind when I think about budgeting…?

The thousands of dollars we spent on our wedding. There were areas we spent more and where we spent less, but having a written ever evolving plan helped us spend on purpose and not feel guilty about it.

It makes me think of the Toms shoes I’m about to buy. I don’t need to buy a name brand shoe. I probably should try and find a cheaper option (or at least there’s a voice in my head telling me that). But I have money put aside specifically for that purpose and I want to buy them. My budget isn’t screaming SPEND LESS. My budget is giving me the permission to spend on the things that I want to spend on.

It’s also helping me understand when there isn’t money for things OR how moving money from things I don’t care about as much can help create more money for the things that I do.

I think that’s what other budget people are trying to say. They’re trying to say… I spent less on this so I could have more of something else.

But they’re not adding the second part, and I really wish they would.