1.What were you doing for work before the pandemic?

I worked for a small, nonprofit touring theatre for young audiences. I also tended bar at a prominent theatre downtown Chicago. With the outbreak, the TYA company had to cancel shows, lay off 3/4 of its staff, and may be done in for good. The other theatre may not open til December or January (in my mind, later as numbers in the US are high).

2.What do you miss spending money on these days?

I miss going out with friends most of all.

3.How do you think your spending will change after the pandemic?

Hard to tell. As I’m currently unemployed, I am pinching pennies. I’m thinking about grad school and a career shift when I have financial stability. what’s to say this doesn’t happen again in my lifetime? Stranger things have happened.

4.What are your tips on how to cut costs?

Share meals with roommates! During all of lockdown, we’ve done family meals and it’s helped all of our wallets. Also, not going out means I’m not spending money on things I did before.

5.Do you feel that there is uncertainty about how your work will look after the pandemic ends? If so, what are you doing to cope with this uncertainty?

Yes. Crying. But also as I mentioned, considering a career shift for some stability. The world

is also on fire in more ways than one: what’s a real, practical way I can help besides just with art.

Emily Nixon

Emily Nixon

Rags to Reasonable Community Outreach Coordinator

Emily Nixon is an actor/writer/director/filmmaking Swiss Army Knife. She is also a big money nerd and Community Outreach Coordinator for Rags to Reasonable.

She came to this work after becoming completely fed up with living paycheque-to-paycheque and being too afraid to look in her chequing account. She is passionate about empowering other artists and variable income earners to keep doing what they love and feel confident about their finances.

Email Emily at emily@ragstoreasonable.com

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