Here's how we would start getting control of your debt

Debt is a funny thing. Sometimes it bursts onto the scene with a big heap of panic, or it comes with a big reward attached to it (like an education or a house)… and sometimes it sneaks in a few dollars at a time. 

And most debt pay-off journeys start with a ‘rock-bottom’ moment. Mine came when the tax collectors called my house and told me how much money I owed them. 

It was NOT fun. 

But it started me on the long path to debt freedom. It’s a hard path, and it’s not one that you have to walk alone. 

I understand that paying off your debt isn’t just about the numbers, it’s about addressing the problem that got you there in the first place. It’s also making a plan so that you know exactly how you’re going to accomplish what might seem impossible to accomplish right now. 

I want to help you with your debt. I want to help you pay it off FOR THE LAST TIME. 

Here are a few of the first steps that we might take…..



Before you pay off the debt, you have to stop more debt from accumlating.

It’s not always as simple as ‘cutting up the credit cards’.

In our first session, we’ll talk about where your debt came from, and what steps we can take to keep that from happening again.

  • If it was an emergency: can we start saving an emergency fund to help when the unexpected happen.
  • If it was student debt: can we look at student loan rules and regulations and see if there’s ways to save you money.
  • If it’s from daily spending: can we identify the habits and situations that have led to that debt, and can we come up with ways to avoid it in the future.


I’d ask you to send me all your debt information, and I would put it together for you so you could see things like:

  • the total amount
  • the amount you pay every month
  • how long it would take you to pay it all off at the minimum payment

Seeing the whole picture can help you get focused, and having someone else help you can make sure it actually gets done.


There are a lot of debt tools out there, and sometimes you can move debt to a place where the interest rates are a little lower.

We’ll take a look at your and see if there are places where we can get free savings.


At the end of the day paying off debt takes money, and not many of us have ‘extra money lying around’.

I’ll help you go through your income, and your expenses to find extra money you can throw at your debt. We’ll also look at your whole year, and identify times of the year you might be able to afford to put more money on your debt balance.

Lastly we’ll automate everything so you don’t have to think about it… it’ll just happen

Those are just an idea of what the first 4 steps COULD look like. The truth is… everyone is different, and the way I work with everyone is different. 

If you’re interested in learning more, you can sign up for my regular OFFICE HOURS (30 minute free skype sessions) to get an idea of whether we click, and how working with a financial planner might go. 

You can also find more information on my WORK WITH ME page and see pricing, client reviews and some other info. 

If you have any questions you can’t seem to find the answer to, don’t hesitate to EMAIL ME


This guide should not be construed as official financial advice, but merely as information. Without speaking to you, or taking a look at your specific numbers I can’t know for sure what the best next step for you is. 

If you’re interested in speaking with me and working together in a more formal capacity check out my WORK WITH ME page.