Here's how to start getting control of your debt


Maybe you aren’t at this stage… but a lot of us get stuck there.

It’s easy to spend tons of time telling yourself how you ‘should have been more prepared’ or you ‘should have worked 7 other jobs instead of taking those loans’. It’s easy… but it doesn’t help.

Debt happened, and now it’s time to get to work.

I promise you can do this.



Your debt is a problem… but the bigger problem is the one that caused your debt in the first place. 

The most important question you can ask is “How did I get here?”

Maybe you have a pretty good idea, and maybe you need to spend some time with your credit card statements and really investigate where this debt is coming from. 

Once you have your answer, sit down with a pen and paper and write down your committment to ‘plugging the leak’. How are you going to stop the habits that got you into debt. 

So many people skip this step, and if you do… you’ll find yourself caught in the cycle of debt repayment that never stops. 


Once you’ve plugged the leak, I want you to sit down and gather up all your debt stuff: statements, balances, interest rates… everything.

And then write down the following:

  • How much is the total you owe
  • How much is the minimum you have to pay every month
  • What else is this debt costing you (read THIS for inspiration)

Look at it. Get a little (or a lot mad). This does not have to be how things are.


Paying off debt is all about finding ‘extra’ money (money that you’re not using for living your actual life).

But who has extra money? Well… maybe you do.

This step isn’t directly about your debt, but it will help soooo much. The more you can get in control of your daily cashflow, the more in touch you get with what you’re spending your money on every day… the more you’ll find little ‘extra’ bits you can throw at your debt.

Try this course. It’s AWESOME for getting you started on that journey.


Once you know what you’re dealing with, you’re good and mad… and you know how much you can afford to pay every month…. write it all down.

You can do it on your own, or you can use THIS DEBT WORKBOOK (which has a few more tips and hints for debt repayment).

The important thing is that you make a plan, and just keep doing it until that debt is gone.



This guide should not be construed as official financial advice, but merely as information. Without speaking to you, or taking a look at your specific numbers I can’t know for sure what the best next step for you is. 

If you’re interested in speaking with me and working together in a more formal capacity check out my WORK WITH ME page.