Here's where We Would start building a budget

When I first started getting control of my money… it was with a budget.

But I’ll admit that I was worried. I felt so overwhelmed at the idea of ‘limiting myself’ by using a budget. I hated the idea of planning out all of my purchases. I was too much of a free spirit for that.

I was wrong. A budget was, and is, the lynch pin that holds my finances together. It’s allowed me to pay off thousands of dollars of debt, master my crazy variable income, and build a life that I really really like.

I would love to help you through the process of building a budget, because it’s not nearly as simple as ‘just putting down your income and expenses on a sheet of paper’.

Here are the first 3 steps we might take together. If they sound interesting, click the button at the bottom to book a FREE CONSULTATION.



I wrote about it a bit in THIS PIECE, but budgets work best when we fuel them with our passion. As artists… we have lots of passion to spare.

Before we get started on the numbers, we’ll talk about why building a budget is important to you, what some of your goals are, and really pinpoint what’s motivating you.

There’s lots of work ahead… you’re going to need all the passion you can muster.



A budget only works if it’s based on your real numbers.

So before we build that actual budget, we’re going to spend some time tracking your spending. This is something that’s hard to do on your own, but with some extra accountability (read: butt kicking) from me… you’ll be tracking like a pro in no time.

I’ll connect you to a joint spreadsheet that you’ll use to enter your expenses and income, and send you pictures of sad puppies when you miss a day.



While we’re collecting information on how much you need to live your life, we’ll schedule a coaching and talk about the money that’s coming in.

If you’re dealing with variable income, or income from a few different sources… it can be difficult to plan. I’ll help you organize your income so you know exactly how much you can depend on (and when).

Those are just an idea of what the first 3 steps COULD look like. The truth is… everyone is different, and the way I work with everyone is different. 

If you’re interested in learning more, you can sign up for my regular OFFICE HOURS (30 minute free skype sessions) to get an idea of whether we click, and how working with a financial planner might go. 

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This guide should not be construed as official financial advice, but merely as information. Without speaking to you, or taking a look at your specific numbers I can’t know for sure what the best next step for you is. 

If you’re interested in speaking with me and working together in a more formal capacity check out my WORK WITH ME page.