They should really teach money in music school…. 

… well now they don’t have to….

This workbook will help you (or a special music student in your life):

  • get excited about mastering your money (seriously)
  • control your spending
  • figure out how much income you need
  • manage lump sums
  • master variable income
  • start saving (even if you don’t have extra money)
  • make a business plan
  • think about how to fund their ‘dream career’

What’s included:

  • 40 page dynamic PDF workbook (which means you don’t have to print it out)
  • exercises and challenges that you can start right now (not ‘some day’)
  • worksheets to help you apply your personal numbers to those challenges

What does it cost?

Seventeen bucks.

Who’s it for? 

Any music student who’s feeling overwhelmed by money.

It’s also great for any parent or friend of a music student who is overwhelmed by their career choice. Help your musically gifted love one shun the ‘starving artist’ label and become so much more.