Don’t forget that ‘a business’ doesn’t have to be a goal in itself, neither does ‘a living’ or ‘a wage’.

I’ve been trapped lately, being gravity-welled into general goals that don’t quite fit. They’re close… but close is far more dangerous than way off. It’s harder to recognize. It’s easier to think “it’s just today that feels off, I’m sure everything is fine”.

I’ve been ‘building a business’ for years, but the business doesn’t really matter to me.

To me, a business, is just another tool. Like money.

A business is the way that I can deliver kindness and support. A business is a way that I can support other things in my life.

Remembering that is helpful for me.

Remembering that means that I don’t get too stuck on questions like .. how do I grow my business?

And it means that I spend more time thinking about, what am I trying to do again? Is a business the best way to do that? What kind of business or structure would deliver that better?

How many times do I have to learn that the tool follows the intention. every. damn. time.