Intro to your money


(… even if money makes you feel dumb)

“I just don’t know where to start….”

So many people

I still get clammy in the moments before I sing the first note of an opera. After that… everything gets a little easier… but starting is still such a scary thing. 

Anything could happen. Or worse… nothing could.

Writers talk about the terror of the blank page. Painters share nightmares about the blank canvas.

Endless possibility can be an absolutely crippling thing.

And so… it makes sense that getting started with your money would have the same feelings.

There are so many opinions, so many blogs and courses and everyone seems to disagree. Or maybe the things they agree on (like how you HAVE to have a budget) really don’t seem to work for you.

So the question remains…. where do YOU start?

This course is built for people like me. People who have never felt ‘naturally’ good with money. People who are stressed whenever they think of money. People who really want to make a change, but really don’t know how or what kind of change they want.

People who don’t know where to start.

Rags to Reasonable has found a legitimately pain-free way to eliminate your fear of finances. In a comedic, honest way, “Intro to your money” takes a truly realistic approach to getting a handle on your financial life. You will be surprised at how easy it is, and how fully your relationship with your finances will be repaired.


Opera Singer, Self-employed

This course was perfect for me! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew that I wanted to start feeling like I was in control of my finances and not just chasing after them all the time. Chris’ tools have helped me to build (and keep!) simple but productive habits for saving and tracking money. And it was fun. And it only takes five minutes a day. And those tools have translated into other areas of my life as well! 


Musician, Self-employed

I was inspired by the Artist’s Way. A wonderful book written by Julia Cameron about healing your relationship with your creativity. In it she uses two small tools: the morning pages, and the artist date, to slowly heal any rift you may be feeling with your most creative self.

This course also introduces two tools that attempts a similar goal. To begin to heal the rift you may have between you and your money.

There are no budgets or formulas. No financial acronyms or investing advice.

It’s a ten email guide, with daily worksheets, all of which I offer you for free in the hopes that it will help you make that first step toward financial satisfaction.

The first step is always the hardest. The first word written. The first brush stroke. The first note that breaks the silence of a theatre. It’s hard.

But it’s essential.

Because the only thing that I can promise you is that nothing will change … unless you do something.