I want you to feel great about your money…

That’s why everything on this page is free. We’ve tried to make things as easy to access as possible. 

In a few cases (eg: the workbooks) you’ll have the opportunity to ‘name your price’. Feel free to pay zero … we won’t be offended… but if you choose offer money, know that 10% of every dollar you spend here at R2R goes to supporting MY MISSION of access to high quality financial planning – no matter your income. 

If you’ve got a question about something you find here, or have a tool that you love using that you want to donate to us… send us an email.


For those of you who love to print things out and write things down… a few simple worksheets that will help you figure out your numbers.

Salary worksheet

How much should you be paying yourself (essential information for business and non-business owners)?

Variable income sheets

A few worksheets to help you figure out how much money you have, how much you need, and when you need it.

Savings sheets

Worksheets to help you start saving or start saving better.


Worksheets to help you manage a regular paycheque (and leave the gig with money in your pocket). 


A few spreadsheets we’ve built to get control of our cashflow. They’re not fancy, but they work. Let us know if you have any questions!

Tracking spreadsheet

A simple spreadsheet I use with my clients to start tracking their spending and meeting their goals.

Variable Income Spreadsheet

This thing is pretty cool. It allows you to compare income and expenses over a year. 


These are awesome and dynamic (that means you don’t have to print them out) guides that we use in workshops and one-on-one sessions.


19 pages of exercises to help you start getting control of your debt.

20 min business plan

Get more bang for the bucks you put into your business with this 20 minute plan!

Money workbook for students

5 things that every arts student should know (and that they can start using RIGHT NOW).


How to take full advantage of a regular paycheque in the arts. 

Email Courses


No affiliate links, just a bunch of other financial tools we think are really cool


My favourite budgeting software. I use it, I love it. You might too.


John (the guy who made this) is who taught me about investing. He makes complicated things seem very possible. Check out his course!

DIY Sustainable Portfolio

Tim and Darryl know more about sustainable investing than anyone else in Canada. This course will guide you through building a portfolio that does less evil (and more good). 

Plan Easy Self Directed Financial PLanning

If you want a financial planning tool, but not a financial planner, check out Plan Easy’s self-directed platform