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What is financial coaching?

Financial coaching is modeling after the way I’ve been trained in the arts my whole life: regular lessons or coaching with someone who guides me through the process of mastering my art.

So if you want to get control of your budgeting, your debt, or your variable income, a coaching program might work for you.

You commit to between 6 and 10 sessions, which will be scheduled either weekly or bi-weekly depending on our collective schedules.

Instead of me plunking down a plan in front of you, we make it together. I’ll give you homework and challenges during the week, and provide the accountability to actually get it done through our weekly/bi-weekly Skype meetings.

And even though you commit to the full 6 – 10 sessions, you only pay after each session and can quit at any time.

I ask for the commitment because, like art, I don’t want to give the impression that ‘just a few money coachings are all you need’.

It’s a process.

If you’re interested in adding more sessions after our initial period is done, that can be done on a more session-by-session basis.

These sessions happen completely online (usually through Skype). You don’t have to live near me to work with me!

Here’s an example of what this kind of coaching program might look like:

How much does this cost?


The cost is simple: 

$80 a session


You only pay after the session is done, and if you quit before the program is over… no extra costs. 

Every coaching program is custom built. If you’re interested in coaching with me, click the button below and we’ll set up a initial chat (which is free) to talk about what that would look like.