More Money Won’t Solve Anything

I spent most of last week being disappointed in myself, and so it shouldn’t be a huge shock that come Saturday… I was so ready for the week to be over.  I just hadn’t done enough.  I told myself that next week I had to buckle down and do more.  But here’s the problem with that entire line of thought… ‘enough’ and ‘more’ are goals that are just begging for another Saturday of disappointment.  What is ‘enough’? How much ‘more’?  I can do ‘more’ but still have it not be nearly ‘enough’. That happens all the time.  I was talking ...
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It’s not too late to start fighting (even if you might not win)

I’ve never found the delivering ‘hard truth’ part of this job easy. I’m not really a tough love kind of guy. But it’s important.  And there’s nothing more difficult for me than sitting across from someone who’s just been hit with a heavy dose of financial truth… and who honestly believes it’s too late to do anything about it. “I’m almost 70, there’s nothing I can do about this now…” “I’ve made so many mistakes, the damage is done…” “I am so screwed.” It’s hard because they’re not necessarily wrong. The cold hard truth of the numbers One of the ...
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Can I be an artist AND be profitable?

I’m not a bad driver, at least… I don’t think I am. Turns out my family doesn’t agree. I always had my suspicions, but I found out just how wide spread this belief was last weekend when I DROVE my mom, brother and girlfriend up to a family cottage. When we got there (safe and ON TIME might I add) everyone waiting for us was shocked to find out that I had driven. They had been talking and I had been the least likely choice because... I was not a good driver. Everyone believed it, even people that had never ...
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Metrics that don’t matter (or permission to ignore your bank balance)

When I started blogging 2 years ago, I was anything but prepared.  I didn’t read blogs. I didn’t understand coding… or SEO… or how to use social media…  Clearly, I was poised for success!! Except I wasn’t. And you know how I know?  STATS! The evil and seemingly all-knowing objectivity of cold hard numbers. I was no longer in the realm of the subjective arts… I knew exactly: 
  • How many people came to my site (not many)
  • How long they stayed (not long)
  • Whether they came back (not often)
  • Whether they commented
  • How many chose to follow me on ...
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Ankle Socks Are Bumming Me Out

It’s amazing the excuses I can come up with when I don’t want to do something… During OFFICE HOURS last week I remembered a story that felt both ridiculous and very true. It was awhile ago… when I had just moved to Toronto, and was missing the physical activity that living on a farm used to provide by the shovel full. But I didn’t want to go to the gym. If I’m being honest, with the benefit of hindsight… I was a little scared to look stupid because I didn’t know what to do at a gym. I didn’t know ...
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Money Lessons From Being Really Bad at Yoga

“Okay, now what I want you to do is plant your left foot and bring your right foot above your knee"  … there were words that came after that, but my legs were already shaking hard enough to demand most of my attention. It was yoga. One of the most humbling activities that has crossed my path of late. But then my teacher said something that cut through the series of panicked impulses being sent from my lower body. She said… “Remember that balance is not a static state. It is a process of a thousand tiny adjustments.” Amazing, and ...
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When we Assume: The Real Truth Behind the Home Buying Process for Artists

This post was commissioned as part of a pilot program at Rags to Reasonable. In an effort to both support artists and gather financial resources and stories, R2R is offering money for content (written, visual, or video). If you’re interested in pitching an idea fill out . After 2 years of experiencing the blissful (illusion of) financial security that accompanies a gig with a young artist program, my first step back into the self employed reality of Toronto the bank. (God help you if you ever have to move your financial life out of Québec.) I was ...
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Manipulating the TIME-SPACE-MONEY Continuum

I hope no one in my lifetime invents a time machine. I really shouldn’t be given the ability of going back or forward to try to ‘fix’ things. I can pretty much guarantee I’ll make an absolute mess of it. Marty McFly will seem like a time lord compared to my disasters. It’s better that I just work from right now. Except… that’s not really how I work… Sometimes I’m focused on next week or a year from now and completely lose sight of what the kids like to call… ‘the moment’. And sometimes I’m firmly living in the past, obsessed ...
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Employees, employers, and both: how to balance paying your people (when you’re just getting by yourself)

This post was commissioned as part of a pilot program at Rags to Reasonable. In an effort to both support artists and gather financial resources and stories, R2R is offering money for content (written, visual, or video). If you’re interested in pitching an idea fill out . If you have any questions, email me at At heart, I am a leader. It's a role I fell into accidentally, when I realized that my opinions and my voice were important, and grew into being able to use them for good. I'm not a loud, up-front leader – I ...
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Money Lessons from my Oma’s Tomatoes… 

I’ve been missing home lately… I always do in the summer/fall. I grew up on the prairies, and there’s nothing like the prairies when everything is green and growing and producing tasty things. Here in Toronto I don’t grow things. The few plants in my house are not thriving. I blame the light levels, but I think if they could talk they might mention my inconsistent watering habits. Whenever I go home, one of the stops I make is my Oma’s garden. Oma is what I call my grandmother. She and my Opa continue to have an incredible garden, even ...
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