I'm Chris

And that is NOT a real moustache.  


… you don’t want to see me with a real moustache…

Click to see a picture of me with an actual moustache

I’m so sorry if you clicked on it… I promise I won’t do that to you again (although it was mostly you who did it).

That’s right… I’m Chris… just your run of the mill opera-singing, financial-planning farmboy.

And here are 4 things you need to know about me:

  • I overuse ellipses (and I don’t plan to change)
  • I love the NBA
  • I went to a small Mennonite boarding school for high school
  • And I’m a big personal finance nerd

I got drawn into the world of money not because I was good with numbers, but because I made ALL THE MISTAKES (don’t believe me?… you can read about it HERE).

But that wasn’t all bad… because those mistakes led me to a pretty unique understanding about just how life-changing getting the right money help can be.

Here’s my big crazy dream (don’t laugh, okay?)…

My dream is of a world where artists feel stable enough to create the art that they were born to create… where they can build lives that are rich in every possible way. 

So that’s what I’m doing here. I went from knowing absolutely nothing about money to getting a certification in financial planning. And now I read, write, and create things that can help artists get closer to that kind of world.

I’m a proud working artist, and I’m an equally proud diversified artist (which means I do *gasp* other things… that aren’t art… at all… like financial planning). My definition of ‘artist’ has nothing to do with income level. If you’re a person who creates and who wants build a life where that’s financially possible… Welcome. This site’s for you.

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