RRSP Infographic - From Rags to Reasonable

Oversimplification: An RRSP is basically a cardboard box

You know what people in the finance world love to joke about? How no one understands what an RRSP is. Oh, how they laugh. They laugh like it's 'so simple'. And then when they try to explain it, they bog it down with so much bullshit, that even I get confused (and I'm pretty sure I know how RRSPs work). So I decided to make an RRSP infographic (hold the applause please) that ignores a lot of the little rules that you really don't need to know about right now and boils RRSPs down to a few fundamental things. If ...
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Robo-advisor - From Rags to Reasonable

What’s a robo-advisor (and should you be using one)??

I get lots of questions about investing. It's something I don't write about a lot, partly because there are so many resources out there, and partly because it doesn't interest me as much as some of the other areas of finance. But I had a blast recording this episode of Because Money and talking about robo-advisors. Robo-advisors are an awesome new tool that are great for people who want to invest, but have no idea how or where to start. And John and Sandi (my podcast compatriates) have invented... YES INVENTED... a tool to help people choose which robo-advisor is ...
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Managing Lump Sum - From Rags to Reasonabe

How I managed a $15,000 lump sum

Who's it for: Variable Income Earners
What's it about: The process I use for making sure I'm using a big lump sum as efficiently as possible.
What you get: an infographic breaking down the whole process. What if there’s not enough money? The problem with budgeting is that you’re painfully aware when there’s just not enough. You see... I just got finished with a big month of gigs. Now those of you that aren’t in opera might be surprised to know that you can make pretty good money in a month … if you’re working. So in about six weeks ...
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5 tips for getting your debt back on track - From Rags to Reasonable

Lindsay VS her debt: 5 tips for getting your debt back on track

Who's it for: People who are paying off their debt.
What's it about: Getting back on track when you lose focus.
This is Part 5 in a series. You can read PART 1 HERE.

It's been a while since I've been back to school, but there's still something about the fall that has that "back to reality" feel, even though I've been working all summer. Time to re-evaluate. Time to get down to business. I'm going to be honest - the summer slipped away and so did my budget, my plans, and my goals. The summer was glorious - don't get ...
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Dear Personal Finance World - We're talking about money wrong

Dear Personal Finance World: We’re talking about money wrong

There’s something seriously screwed up about the way we talk about money. On one hand it’s really hard to get people to have a conversation about it… an actual conversation… not just one about how there’s not enough of it. And yet, away from the regular 'every day'… the financial conversation is raging on. There are hundreds of blogs, dozens of shows, and tons of books filling the shelves on how we should be handling our money. But most people honestly don’t care. They’re not interested in the conversation that’s going on… why is that? Why, when money is a ...
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Audition Season - From Rags to Reasonable

Don’t let audition season destroy your bank account

This post originally appeared on Schmopera: an excellent site for all things opera.
Auditioning is so freaking expensive. This is a fact. And it feels like it’s getting worse. After application fees, travel, accommodation, food, accompanist fees, and the 3 beers you need after they decided to only hear one aria even though you were banking on them asking for the Bellini... ...you’re probably not sitting on a whole lot of leftover cash. But you have to do it, right? How are you supposed to get work if you don’t show up? That’s right. You do have to audition. You ...
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How to organize your money - From Rags to Reasonable

How to organize your money (when you’re an unorganized artist).

Who's it for: Unorganized people who want to be organized. What's it about: Building a money structure that actually fits your existing habits and behaviors. You know who I find annoying? Really organized people. People that have a system for everything. It’s not that they’re bad people, it’s that everything just seems so easy for them. I am NOT a particularly organized person. My desk is a hot mess of old coffee cups and papers scrawled with thoughts I swore were brilliant at the time. But I want to be organized. I feel like so many of my problems would ...
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Cross Border Finances for Americans living in Canada

Cross border finances (for Americans living in Canada)

After last week there’s been a lot of talk about moving to Canada, especially from our neighbours to the south. Now I’m not saying you should (even though it’s pretty awesome up here), but I wanted to share this video that breaks down some really interesting financial issues for Americans who live in Canada. I don’t know why exactly, but my close friend group is full of ‘mixed’ couples: one American and one Canadian, and there are a ton of money questions that come up when your life is spilt over the border. Julia Chung joins Sandi Martin, John Robertson ...
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What crippling stage fright taught me about money

What crippling stage fright taught me about money

Who it's for: Singers, Actors, Musicians (Performers)
What it's about:
How building a solid technique solved my stage fright, and can do the same thing for your money.
What you get
: Three places to start building a solid money technique.

For the last 5 years I’ve been battling some fairly serious stage fright. It started off mildly enough, but slowly grew into a completely debilitating force that took away any joy I used to have for being on stage. One of the many thoughts that started taking over my head was … “What if I open my mouth and my voice just… doesn’t ...
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Variable Income Opera Singers - From Rags to Reasonable

How to manage your variable income and expenses this opera season

Who it's for: Opera Singers, Variable income Earners
What it's about: I break down how to use a spreadsheet I built to view variable income and expenses over the year
What you get: Full version of the spreadsheet FREE!

I’ve never been able to shake the feeling that September is the start of a new year. Sure, I’ve been out of school for *mumbles a number* years now, but when September stopped being the dawn of a new school year… it started being the dawn of a new opera season. This ...
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I’m Chris, I’m a Canadian actor and singer based in Toronto. As an artist it’s often hard to make sense of how the regular rules of planning, saving, and spending apply to a fairly.... unique... lifestyle. Enjoy these stories of my fumblings in the world of personal finance. Rags to .....hopefully ... a reasonably comfortable lifestyle.

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